Marvellous Maia

March 6, 2014

Things at Hilltop are ticking over nicely and gradually getting busier after a fairly quiet February, as expected. Simon has his face to the ground every morning checking the degree of dampness, still waiting to hop on that mower to tackle the ever-growing grass, not to mention the carpet of leaves that needs to be picked up. Such small changes make a huge difference. Happily, today looks like it might be the day!


Since I last wrote, my grandmother left Maia, her Weimaraner in our care for a week whilst she jetted off to sun herself (remember the sun?) abroad. It took a bit - okay, a lot - of adjusting but she soon settled in and observed our house rules. Maia and I became very close, maybe a bit too close for comfort sometimes... Let's just say I had a large grey shadow following me everywhere, even to the loo!

We were sad to see her go a couple of days ago but I admit I also felt a slight sense of relief. That was an intense relationship I wasn't quite ready for! She was brilliant with our boy Jasper, I've never met such a passive dog, but if he were to insist on access to his mother when she wanted something, she wasn't bothered about giving him a slight nudge with her rump!


Meanwhile, just as things start to pick up business-wise, I am beginning to slow down (literally) pregnancy-wise. I am now 6 months gone so still a little way to go yet but the aches and pains have well and truly kicked (pun intended) in now and keeping up with Jasper is keeping me on my toes, not that I can see them anymore. Some mornings, if you're lucky enough and are very still, you can spot me doing a particularly good impression of the Hunchback of Notre Dame (Hunchback of Hilltop?). The bells, the bells... On those occasions I feel rather heavy and sluggish, I sink into the sofa and wish I could get stuck in with the physical side of running the kennels and cattery but I'm sure when I am finished popping sprogs I will be able to do just that (possibly a great way to shift those pregnancy pounds?).

For now, heaving myself off the sofa and to Reception will just have to be enough!



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