April 21, 2014

I had a revelation in the last couple of weeks. Not only does my breadmaker make bread, hoover the house and do the ironing, it makes jam. JAM! I think I'm in love. What some of you may not know is that here we have a plum tree, apple tree, damson tree, fig tree and a pear tree (sans partridge). You never know, maybe some of you lucky lot will get to taste the jam I make!


A couple of weeks ago, we coaxed Simon's stepdad Colin over under the pretence of giving him lunch, but what we really had in store for him was something quite different. When we moved into the house in December, we also inherited a large caravan just outside it. Now that the ground is getting drier and harder, it seemed a good time to start the job of hauling it down to the rough ground at the corner of the field to break it down. Colin's 4x4 did a great job with minimal damage to the grounds.


Last weekend was incredibly busy, and our kennel hand was due to have a few days off. It was an all hands on deck kind of situation, so off I went with Jasper strapped to my back. Whilst Simon got on with the scrubbing and walking, I was able to dry the floors and feed the animals. It wasn't easy with a baby in the front and a toddler on the back, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was great to get to grips with the day to day workings of the kennels and cattery and just get to do something physical. The grooming side of the business is starting to take off now, which is exciting! Please do have a look at the new grooming area of our website!


Christina Henderson

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