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May 8, 2014

The days get longer and I get fatter. Jasper is now walking and is officially known as a toddler, though it's more like a John Wayne style swagger. It's actually remarkably similar to the waddle I'm doing now. Walking opens up a whole new world of opportunities, it's very exciting.


His favourite game is called Wait-Until-Mummy-Is-On-The-Phone-And-Start-Ripping-All-The-Price-Tags-Off-Everything-In-Reception. It has variations too though, and he likes them all equally. There's also Grab-The-Phone-While-Mummy-Is-On-The-Loo-Prompting-Her-To-Yell-'NOT-999!' and Empty-Kitchen-Cupboards-Whilst-Mummy-Cooks. I'm not a willing participant in any of these games...

At the end of the day, the living room looks like an explosion in a toy factory and the kitchen looks like an explosion in Tesco. The prospect of having two babies under two is now slightly terrifying.


Work is a welcome distraction most days, though I'm aware my days are numbered. I shall be going into early retirement (5 months in, quite good really) but only temporarily. Once I'm back on my feet and everything is more stable with the children, Simon and I can hopefully start to share the workload again.


We are getting far more business than we could ever have imagined considering it's still our first year. We're thoroughly enjoying it and every little improvement actually feels like a triumph, whether it's repairing a gate or simply weeding and cutting the grass.


Ooh, must dash, Jasper has just started playing Put-Everything-I-Can-Find-In-The-Washing-Machine...

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